Friday, September 03, 2004

Top Ten Worst Answers to an Interview Question (Part III)

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Q: Where are you from?

15. Trumbull, CT.

14. Hartford, CT.

13. Connecticut.

12. Alderaan.

11. I choose not to recognize an interpretation of the temporal nature that includes divisions based on the relative and perceived sense of a present time or now.

10. Atlantis. I like to swim.

9. Your momma.

8. (Break into song with:) "Somewhere out there beneath the pale moonlight..."

7. West Virginia, why?

6. The wrong side of the tracks.

5. I'll tell you where I'm not from -- New Jersey. And I certainly don't have any pending indictments there. Especially not for drug trafficking or midget tossing. No siree!

4. A small planet in the vicinity of Betelgeuse.

3. Why, where are you from? [Interviewer answers.] Well then I'm from there too! What a coincidence!

2. Hell.

1. Iraq.