Thursday, September 09, 2004

Top Ten Worst Answers to an Interview Question (Part IX)

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Q: When could you start?

13. After the trial. (And depending on the verdict.)

12. In three years. I need a vacation first.

11. As soon as you give me a company car.

10. After I take out a contract on my Civ. Pro. professor. ("The bitch must die!")

9. I'll have to fit it in around my tennis schedule.

8. As soon as I take down Microsoft.

7. Please direct all questions to my attorney.

6. As soon as I finish a few more martinis. Care to join me?

5. After the apocalypse. (Maybe. i.e. If my side wins.)

4. When could you start paying me?

3. Once you're dead and buried.

2. All I have to do is finish up my other interviews and I'll be good to go!

1. Never, you son of a bitch!