Friday, September 10, 2004

Rock Toxin

Pop Rocks just finished on ABC Family. (As mentioned in an earlier post.)

Y'know, I actually enjoyed the movie. It was pretty much what I expected, maybe a little fluffier but then again it was on ABC Family. Gary Cole did well with his role. The whole thing was nicely done.

It's kind of strange. My reaction to the movie reminds me a lot of my reaction to I Want to Marry Ryan Banks, another made-for-tv movie. I really liked the movie, notwithstanding the insubstantial nature of the entire production. Neither one could have made it as a movie-theatre movie (I wouldn't have shelled out $4.75 to see either one... except perhaps for the Ryan Banks one since it starred Emma Caulfield) but as a tv movie they're both well-deserving and worth watching.

ADDENDUM: Interesting to note that the last 11 search engine queries that led to this blog were all for Pop Rocks. (Hello all!) [10:33 PM]