Thursday, September 02, 2004

Things I've learned so far this week:

Two of my classes are in the two non-air conditioned rooms on campus (one each). As long as the weather doesn't get hotter again (knock on wood), this shouldn't be a problem. However, these are also two rooms without internet access so no blogging or surfing in those classes. I downloaded the Chamberlain decision to have something to read. Y'know, for fun.

I like yogurt. This is a good thing as yogurt is better than my other traditional snack foods (e.g. junk food).

My keyboard just went schizophrenic on me for a few minutes there. The arrow keys and home/end didn't work. But they're working now so I will opt to not jump up and down on the stupid thing.

Waking up real early (e.g. 6:15 AM) to do your reading for classes only works if you actually do the reading. Fortunately, my 2-3 hour nap yesterday afternoon means I shouldn't be tired today (hopefully).

ADDENDUM: The new on-campus cafeteria serves good food. It's the best food service they've had yet. Tasty!

Someone in my current class (Crim. Pro.) forgot to turn off her cell phone. Very embarrassing. (For her.)

My Crim. Pro. professor is (still) calling on people by throwing an inanimate object (a koosh ball) at them and having the previous target throw and hit the next victim. I still think this is more amusing than tortious. It will probably become less amusing if the airborne object happens to land in my vicinity today. That would be bad. Very bad. [12:54 PM]

I feel bad. We laughed at the girl who just threw the koosh because her throw was.. like a girl's... [1:14 PM]