Thursday, September 23, 2004

Alan's Movie Rating System

In response to a reader's comment, I'm writing this post and will cross reference and cite it in the future. (For the record, the ratings were explained once before although said explanation probably should have been more readily accessible as it will be in the future.)

This post will explain my movie rating system since I consciously apply it to just about every movie I see, whether it be on TV, in the theatre, on DVD or a rental. The scale is highly subjective as it is based on my own reaction to the movie. The scale is, from lowest to highest:
  • Won't see again. (Self-explanatory.)

  • Cable-Worthy (Wait for it to come out on Cable/movie/television channels.)

  • Rental-Worthy (Worth renting.)

  • Theatre-Worthy (Go see it in the theatre while you still can!)

  • DVD-Worthy (I plan on buying the DVD when it's released.)
No warranties, express or implied, are made that my opinion of the movie will correspond with your impression and reaction. If you're looking for a truly unbiased, objective review of the movie, too bad. I advise you to look on another planet for non-human reviews and opinions. "Sell crazy someplace else, we're all stocked up here."

(However, I will suggest that if you find yourself in agreement with previous reviews of mine, that may help you gauge whether or not future reviews will be useful or helpful to you.)