Monday, September 27, 2004

Making The Rounds IV

This installment has been in the works for a few days, hence its length.

I just received an e-mail informing me that the challenge from The World's Shortest Blog (to ask Bush: "How many times have you been arrested, Mr. President?") is still on (bounty up to $2,358) AND that there is up to an additional $6,000 if the question is asked on television and answered.

Lawrence Solum at Legal Theory Blog has a post on Hypotheticals. The post discusses what they are, why they are used and gives a few helpful suggestions to law students confronting them. Overall an excellent (and VERY helpful) post!

The Volokh Conspiracy has a post on Conditions of Release & Technological Change - 4th Amendment. Specifically, the post meentions a Second Circuit decision relating to this:
In an opinion by Judge Winter, the Second Circuit did something very interesting; the panel held that the challenges to the computer-related conditions were not yet ripe because the underlying technological facts may change between now and the time when the defendant is released from prison
An interesting decision and topic of discussion.

Volokh: Max Boot on Wars, Presidents and Errors. I may have a response to this one at some point in the future. Or I may not.

How to Blog by Tony Pierce. An excellent guide to blogging do's and don'ts. I think I violate a few of these but since I tend to observe the rest, it's probably not a big problem. I imagine if you find your blog in violation of 5 or more of his recommendations, you might be in trouble. ("You might be a redneck if...")

Now a few from Slashdot: Live Performance Copyright Unconstitutional Per Judge. I'm thinking there are a lot of problems with this ruling as reported. Unfortunately, not having read the decision yet, I can't conclude anything. I'll have to read it and get back to y'all. (Again, with the caveat of "maybe.")

Slashdot: Chimp Can Hack Diebold. I'm not sure how "accurate" or "plausible" the test was but this is certainly amusing. (And I'm no fan of Diebold.)

Slashdot: Sony Loses Patent Suit. Part of this was in relation to the vibrating function of their controllers. Sony may end up paying (Pun!) for their loss.

Slashdot: Possible 'Hazardous Event' at Mt. Saint Helens. Also reported by The Volokh Conspiracy and InstaPundit. Watch for more info on this one, folks.

Slashdot: A Liquid That Turns Solid When Heated. As a Physics major in college, this sounds really cool! (Pun #2!)

Rufus at Running With Lawyers discusses a movie pitch of his. I found there to be a few truisms and honest revelations mixed in this one (along with the requisite satirical attitude).

The Volokh Conspiracy has a reaction to the House bill concerning "Under God" & SCOTUS Jurisdiction. I'll hopefully remember to link this up in a comment or addendum to my post on this subject.

Phosita has a post on Dictionaries & Patent Claim Interpretation. I need to read that one since I wrote a brief article on this subject about 14 months ago.

Phosita: Patent rights in under a month? Hard to believe but good to know.

Phosita: 6th Circuit Says No Sampling. Another decision I need to read and comment on.

Will Wheaton dot Net has a post citing a recent Dork Tower cartoon on the Star Wars Trilogy DVD release. Some of the follow up cartoons (Dork Tower spent a week on this) are hilarious as well.

WWdN Post: Link to 10 Q's With WW and Link to 10 Q's With SL2020 Guy.

WWdN: Geek List.