Tuesday, September 21, 2004

A Glimpse Into My Madness (Top Ten Things I'm Thinking About In Bus. Org. Class)

I wrote this as I was sitting in my Business Organizations Class this morning. (I'm back-dating it to the time I finished the list, 11:28 AM. If I had internet connectivity in the class, I would have posted it then.) The following are the various thoughts that swirled through my head. Enjoy!

Top Ten Things I'm Thinking About In Bus. Org. Class (Knowing Full Well Someone Can Read This List Over My Shoulder As I Am Typing It)

18. The SRP paper I need to work on.

17. The Forensics paper I need to do research for. (We have an outline and bibliography due in about a week.)

16. The wedding (of a law student friend) I’m attending in 2.5 weeks. I'm going with an ex-girlfriend. (A law student, one year behind me, who I dated for ~5 weeks this past Spring.)

15. The Fall Ball semiformal dance the night before the wedding that I'm also attending with that same girl.

14. The birthday dinner I went to this past Saturday night with that same girl, her friend (the birthday girl) and her friend's boyfriend. (It was the first event of any note that I participated in with "the ex" during the past 3-4 months.)

13. That I really, really need to clean up my apt. (It's just messy, not dirty per se.)

12. The humor inherent in the phrase "wrongful expulsion." (Which we’re currently discussing. The phrase that is, not the humor.)

11. The fact that I need to curb my eating habits and exercise more often in an attempt to lose weight and live healthier. (And fit into my pants better.)

10. The fact that the name of the plaintiff in our next Bus. Org. case sounds exactly like the last name of a good friend of mine. Ironically, the case also involves alcohol.

9. The fact that I'm drinking coffee over my laptop. A bad idea in the best of cases. (Hah! Pun!)

8. Hoping that my immediately previous class participation (sua sponte so to speak) will help keep me from being called on today in class.

7. Purchasing the Star Wars Trilogy DVDs after class, before work.

6. Where I'm going to get lunch today. (Or if I'll eat leftovers in my apt. instead, while watching the rest of Pitch Black.)

5. That this list has gotten well out of control.

4. The Thursday Antitrust assignment (some sort of game involving tobacco companies) my friend and I volunteered for. (Really all of the Antitrust reading I'm going to undertake tomorrow to catch up and be adequately prepared for Thursday.)

3. Purchasing an Antitrust study guide after class to help with the above assignment preparation.

2. The interview I have tomorrow morning with a NYC IP (Intellectual Property) firm. (I still have preparations to make for that and I'm hoping the firm ends up liking me. It would be rather cool to work in NYC for them.)

1. Business Organizations! (One ear only.)