Monday, September 27, 2004

Dream a Little Dream of Me

A post for the morning. I have a few things to link up on my "To Do" list. Maybe (hopefully) I'll get to those in Crim. Pro. this afternoon. Put together a MtR 4.

Btw, before the "substantive" part, the title reminds me of an early issue from Neil Gaiman's The Sandman series. In it, the reader follows a particular Englishman, John Constantine, around through his day until he meets up with Dream that afternoon. Prior to that meeting, every radio he passes is playing a song that has to do with dreams. There are 5-6 songs mentioned, the title of this post being one of them. I always thought that was such a cool, low-key, ominous portent of the subsequent meeting.

Anyways, I had a dream last night. These days normally I don't remember if I dreamed or, shortly after waking, I forget the dream. This time I was able to latch on somewhat. Also, in the past, that is in the far, far past such as my middle school and high school years, I used to dream with relatively great frequency. Most of those I wrote down on scraps of paper that I have back in Trumbull. Some of them were very powerful and involving.

Last night's dream. (Without identifying names.) It started with a wedding that I and a date were attending. The wedding was for a fellow law student, a guy, but not someone I'm good friends with. Just someone I know (I've had a class or two with him, let's call him "J"). My date (who was not the "ex" nor even a good friend of mine but rather another law student, this time female, with whom I've had a class or two, let's call her "H") had not arrived as yet. It was rather early, the actual ceremony to begin a ways off, like in an hour or two. So I sat in the pew at the front on the right, me immediately next to the center aisle, holding a seat for H. I think I spoke with J a little here. Another gentlemen sits on the other side of the space I'm holding. He looks like the groom's (?) father and so I ask if I'm sitting where he's to sit. He says "yes but don't worry" but we switch seats nonetheless.

At some point, my mom arrives and sits next to me. (Interesting observation - I knew it was her but I didn't "see" her in my dream. Weird.) I ask her to hold the two spaces while I go "downstairs" since we have a lot of time to go yet (1-2 hours). Downstairs turns out to be the kitchen from the Trumbull house (the house I grew up in), complete with TV. So I go watch TV for a bit until my mom comes into the kitchen. I ask her whether or not she's still holding the seats. She says no. My response is something along the lines of "so we don't have seats saved." At this point I'm kind of annoyed about that and wonder what we'll do (that is H & myself -- I know it should be H & I but with the capital letters being used as placeholders, I thought the "I" with the "H" might be confusing) and where we'll sit.

New Scene. Now H & myself are at a movie theatre along with a few other people (don't know who or how many, just "others") to see a movie. The theatre is one done in the older style, with plush red felt-like material everywhere and rich colors consistingly primarily of reds, yellows and white. This part is a little jumbled. I'm paying for the tickets with a credit card and hand it to the guy. While waiting for it to go through and for him to hand it back to me, some lady who works at the theatre asks me to pick up some garbage on the floor. For some reason, I do. Then somehow I end up helping her or another woman move some theatre-related "things" (don't remember what) to or from storage or something. Afterwards, eventually, I get my credit card and the tickets. Then it's to the concession stand which is very close by and quite small. Maybe this was where I was moving things for the theatre employees... In any case, I end up purchasing a bunch of food and drinks from the stand and we (H & myself and "the others") move towards the theatre in which our movie is playing. And--

/End dream.

N.B. After I jot down notes of what the story was in the dream, I also like to consider how I felt or what surprised (or suprises) me about it. My reaction, briefly, so to speak.

This dream was strange primarily due to J & H. I can't imagine why I would have included J and made him the central figure in the wedding portion. Nor for that matter why I would include H as my date. Those are probably the strangest, most unfamiliar aspects. Otherwise, the dream had no strong sensations or emotions tied to it. I can't remember how I felt during the dream (except for some feelings like mild annoyance or such) which means I was probably pretty neutral throughout. The rest of it played out, as dreams do, all on its own, with its own singular momentum. It is worth mentioning, as noted in an earlier post, that I will be attending a wedding (of a law student friend) in two weeks and that my date for the wedding is my "ex" from law school. So there is some basis for the wedding activity in the dream. Nonetheless, mildly odd and mildly surreal. (As dreams so often are.)