Monday, September 06, 2004

Top Ten Worst Answers to an Interview Question (Part VI)

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Q: Were you on your school's Moot Court Board?

10. I don't believe in any of the words that form that phrase. I despise "moot." I loathe "board." And as for "court," well I don't have any respect for those either.

9. No. They're all a bunch of pagan heathens and hippies.

8. They wouldn't take me after the "meatball throwing incident."

7. No, I lost the Fear Factor challenge.

6. Yes but they kicked me off once the graft and corruption became public knowledge.

5. No, I didn't make it through Hell Week.

4. My high school didn't have a "moot court board." (Duh!)

3. Yes but only after I'd slept with the President... and the Vice President.

2. What's a "moot court board?"

1. I'm sorry but my lawyer told me not to comment on that until after the trial.