Thursday, September 02, 2004

Squirrel's Life Hangs in Balance

(Courtesy of this post over at Notes from the (Legal) Underground and ensuing linked article at Yahoo! News; courtesy of Associated Press.)

From the Yahoo! article:
Will Nutkin become "squirrel stew," as a judge put it, or continue to live with her owners on their 77-acre spread in Schuylkill County? The fate of the gray squirrel rests with a panel of state Superior Court judges, who heard arguments Tuesday on whether she can be legally kept as a pet.


The judges are expected to rule on the case in a month or two.

Until then, the squirrel's whereabouts will remain a secret.

"She's in a safehouse," Jean Gosselin said.
I'm pulling for the squirrel. I like squirrels, despite their bird seed eating tendencies. Go squirrels!

ADDENDUM: I suppose it's minorly worthwhile to note that part of my affinity for this particular woodland creature stems from an experience in my childhood. For about a month or so, my parents and I raised, yes you heard (read?) me, raised three rescued squirrel babies for the Audubon Society. We fed them formula with a syringe and everything. It was lots of fun. Until they grew up more and become wilder. After one of them bit my dad (small bite, no real hostility per se), we knew our time with them was coming to a close. Still, it was a fun experience! [6:32 PM]