Thursday, September 02, 2004

CAFFEINE!!! Errr.. I mean COFFEE!!!!!!!!

Anonymous Lawyer has a post on the coffee situation in his firm. I'm not a coffee connoisseur nor even an addict. Even so, I feel their pain. It's akin to me having access to free Diet Coke for a long time and then the-powers-that-be switching it to a generic brand (e.g. Stop 'n Shop brand) or *gasp* Diet Pepsi.

And I do drink coffee occasionally. Just for the caffeine boost, not necessarily because I enjoy the taste. Though Dunkin Donuts coffee is palatable (medium size, light with two sweet 'n lows) as are their iced lattes.

Also, I'm reminded of the South Park episode that shows Tweak and his parents who run a coffee shop. The reason Tweak is, well, tweaked is largely due to his repeated consumption of coffee from a young age. Hehe..