Monday, September 13, 2004

There he is! Get him!!!

A mildly strange thing happened today. I was recognized. No, not as I strolled across campus or stole--I mean borrowed that library book. (Man, those librarians can run!) No, it was at an Intellectual Property and Technology law Society (IPTLS) meeting.

I met a reader of this blog.

Yes, go ahead, read that again. I met a reader. Someone I'd not known before, a 1L at the law school.

Strange occurence, really. I'll write a better reaction as an addendum later on since I'm off to the pub with a friend for a pint now. (Gotta get it in before the Student Bar Assoc., SBA, meeting later tonight!)

ADDENDUM: Post-pint now. On some level I knew that I would eventually run into a reader, due to the non-anonymity and relative openness of the blog. I just never thought that day would be today is all. I suppose I won't be so surprised or shocked next time. [7:57 PM]

ADDENDUM II: Whoah. I just checked Site Meter and someone found this blog from this Yahoo! search. A Season of Mists is the 5th result. Scary. [12:05 AM, 9/15/04]