Saturday, September 18, 2004

Puppies, puppies everywhere and not a drop to drink!

Scratch that.

Busy night tonight so I'll see if I get to posting more beyond this post. (No promises.) I owe y'all a "review" of The Shamrock Cafe (what I may have erringly referred to earlier as The Dirty Shamrock, nee The Troutbrook Brewery).

Visitied my aunt and uncle briefly. Unbeknownst to me prior to my arrival, my aunt's chocolate labrador had a litter of puppies on Monday. Five of them, very adorable. (They're puppies!!!)

If anyone is interested in one, send me an e-mail - I'll have photos to e-mail you shortly. They're pure-breds and have AKC papers. Both parents have good hips. My aunt told me the father had DNA testing too. (Don't know about the mom.) The mother, or "bitch" (woot! legitimate usage!), is named Abby. Both parents have excellent dispositions. The puppies are $500 for males, $550 for females. Will be available around October 25. Again, send me an e-mail if curious. (Btw, puppies located in upper state New York, near Lake George.)

I'm going to go back up there sometime before then so I can play with the puppies. (Yay!) In case you couldn't tell, I'm a dog person.