Friday, September 10, 2004

Making the Rounds II

Today's "day after effects" (i.e. hangover) is much better than last week's. Heck, it's 11 AM and the headache is pretty much gone! Granted I was smarter this time and drank more water before turning in.

Anyways, here's today's round up. They're all from BoingBoing posts. Some will be making their way into the links column when I get to it. Also, hopefully I'll put together a law-related post soon. One thing I'm working on this weekend is a brief summary of the Chamberlain v. Skylink case (as reported in a previous post) for an IP Society meeting on Monday so chances are that'll make its way to the blog.

The Thorn Tree Travel Forum. I hadn't heard of this before but you better believe I'll be looking through it when it comes time for my next vacation.

The World's Shortest Blog is positing a challenge (of sorts). There's a pool running (thus far up to $1,223.22) for the first person to ask George W. Bush this question in a public forum: "How many times have you been arrested, Mr. President?" If no one claims it, the money will go to the DNC on or about Nov. 2.

The Living Room Candidate is a resource for past and present presidential campaign commercials.

Lessig comments on a recent Sixth Circuit decision finding unpermitted sampling of music to be illegal. I have to read the decision but on its face something seems amiss. (Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.)

Last but not least, a post at 43 Folders on "Getting Things Done," a book by David Allen whose subtitle is "The Art of Stress-Free Productivity." I'm usually highly skeptical about these sorts of things (occasionally my mom will swear by one of these uncluttering, keep it simple or clutter-is-evil how-to books) but this one piqued my curiosity. Partially due to the geek bent of the book and partially due to my substantial need for better organization. Then again, organization is only as good as the effort injected into it and its maintenance. I never was very good at that on a personal level. (One need only look at the current state of my apt. to confirm.)