Monday, October 24, 2005


It's been 18 days since my last post. Apologies for that. I got back from the whole grandfather escapade a while ago and simply haven't put up a new post. I also broke a promise to a friend to put up a post on Saturday. (Sorry!)

I've been busy with nothing important. I played one night of World of Warcraft a week ago this past Friday. I got into Magic: The Gathering Online last Tuesday night. That's consumed some time of mine. I went to a wedding on Friday night. Two good law school friends of mine. (Congratulations!) And on Monday I head out to D.C. for an Intellectual Property Conference. That gives me 3 solid topics, at the very least, to opine upon. However, since I wake in less than 5 hours to begin my travel, I shall not opine much here. If I find the internet in D.C. I shall endeavor to post more. Else you will have to wait for my return.

In the meantime...

Thursday, October 06, 2005


I was back, briefly, to regroup, gather supplies and head back up to my grandparents and aunt.

Opa fell Sat. morning. Had surgery Sun. morning. Surgery went fine. He was in & out the rest of Sunday. No real complications to speak of. Sun. night they gave him some morphine for the "pain." Mon. he was out of it and loopy. I think they gave him *more* morphine late Monday night. Baaaaad. He was out of it (incoherent) and loopy all Tuesday. Bad times. He was also running a slight fever (100-101). At first they wanted to give him a narcotic (pill) since it had tylenol in it. (...) Thankfully he wouldn't swallow the pill so they were working on a tylenol (non-narcotic) suppository. That took +6-7 hours to come through. Once he had that the fever went down.

Wed. morning he was *MUCH* better. Did some physical therapy (PT), walked 7-8 feet, knew who we were, ate all of his breakfast. Complete turn around. My mom and I came back home, I'm doing a turn around and going back up today (Thursday). We heard from my aunt that things fell apart (AGAIN). They hadn't been monitoring his temperature so he was running a fever (AGAIN) and needed more tylenol. Wed. afternoon's PT didn't really happen, that is he couldn't get up and walk again thanks to the effin fever and the useless nurses. So although Wed. morning was a nice step forward, Wed. afternoon was a big step back. ...

When I get up there I'll see how he's doing today.

You probably won't get any new posts from me for a while. Unless the hotel I'm at this weekend has an interent connection, probably not until next Wed. or Thurs.

This hospital he's at is horrible. HORRIBLE. We're on the phone with a cousin of mine who's a prominent surgeon in NYC. He's telling us what to look for and do. The nurses ain't doin' jack. I am strongly inclined to start asking the sorts of questions and obtain the sort of information that a lawyer likes to get. It's patently ridiculous.

I'd write more but no time. Need to keep moving.

Wedding this Sunday for 2 law school friends. Congratulations in advance to them!!! Best wishes for a wonderful future!

I'm out. More posts when time and access allow.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Upon My Return

I got back today from the bachelor's party in NYC last night. Was a great time. The bachelor in question is a law school friend who I've known for ~2.5 years now. The party was rather small, consisting of the bachelor, his brother, 2 of their former college buddies and me. Very cool to meet college friends of the bachelor and hear numerous tales of debauchery and depravity.

I'd give more details about last night's fun only I know for a fact that the bachelor's fiancee reads this blog and I can't discuss with her what occurred. Sworn to secrecy, blood oath, etc. I will say that NYC can be a fun town for a bachelor party, even a rather low key one.

Anyways, when I got back home I learned that my grandfather (who's ~92 years old) sustained a fall this morning and fractured his hip. I'm going up to my grandparent's/aunt's tomorrow morning to help my aunt out. My grandfather (aka Opa) is going in for surgery early tomorrow morning - nothing too bad, pins and plates. Still, my aunt could use some help with Oma (aka my grandmother) and just things in general.

So don't be surprised (as if it would surprise you) if you don't hear from me for 5-7 days. I'll be up with Oma & Opa & my aunt, doing whatever I can.

So it goes.