Monday, April 03, 2006

"Let's stop thinking and start drinking."

(Ah, if only!)

From the Two Pints quote generator. Why? Because I needed a title.

I received two, count them, TWO comments to my previous post. And so I shall respond to the TWO comments!
zuska: how's work going? Is your health okay?
Work is going.. okay. Ever since my health issues back in January-February, I haven't quite gotten back into the game, so to speak. I think my brain was on vacation or some other such bs. In any case, my hours were way down for March and that ain't good, especially as I recently received a promotion. (Oh yeah, forgot to mention that in the last post.) ::grin:: So I really need to kill myself (metaphorically speaking!) and put in *LOTS* of time at work this month, get back into the swing and really start producing good work product. Fast and strong. So work is okay but it could be, and will get, better.

As for my health, well... I'm over all the *big* stuff. I'm not quote right in the colon right now and I suspect it's the change in medication 2 weeks ago. It's not that bad though, not at all, and certainly something I can deal with, especially given my incapacitation in January-February. So it's okay. Hopefully it'll get better. (Thanks for asking, zuska!)

Next up we have:
I'll Bite: Any advice for UConn 1Ls preparing to pick classes for next year? Profs to avoid, must take classes, etc.?

Also, have any jobs available for the summer? I know some people...
Ah, class selection! An epic event of such joy and merriment! And thankfully one I won't have to deal with, possibly forever, possibly just for a long time. (Eventually I hope to get my Masters in physics. Eventually. Emphasis on the eventually.)

I recommend these classes (and note that I have no idea on actual course offerings for next semester so these are just picks from my time at UConn Law):

Stark's Evidence - Stark is excellent! And Evidence is a subject I feel every law student should take. It's all about screwing the other attorney before/while they're screwing you. You need to have some exposure with this since, by the time you'll need it later, you'll have wished you'd taken the course. Seriously.

Berman's Cyberspace - I'm not a huge fan of Berman but I loved this subject matter. All of the topics are highly relevant to modern times and changing law. They run the gamut from Civ Pro to.. ummm... Jurisdiction. Anyways, a good course by a somewhat-good prof.

Legal Profession (Ethics) - You'll need this at some point anyways. Can do it now, can do it later. Whatever.

Trial Practice - An excellent course in which you'll learn practical trial skills. Yes, PRACTICAL. It's one of those rare opportunities to learn something actually useful while at law school. I wish I could remember the names of the good teachers. I know it's a pair of them. If you post some names, I'll remember the ones I'd recommend.

CULI (Building Urban Communities) with Breetz et al. - Another excellent course with excellent teachers! Breetz is an old school kind of guy who'll teach you "the art of the deal." (Not kidding.) This is very much like a clinic so expect that kind of devotion and time commitment. But it's worth it. Oh so worth it. This is one course I highly recommend.

Law and Forensic Science - Good lord did I enjoy this course. Taught forever by the head of the Henry Lee Institute and a local Judge, both of whom are extremely knowledgable, this is one of those courses that, if you can get into, you should. It was one of the best courses I ever took. I held the skull of a CT settler in my hand (over 300 years old I think?). I saw (and smelled) dead bodies in the cooler by the morgue. I handled (unloaded) firearms. And oh yeah, I heard a lecture by Dr. Lee himself. (!!!) I also learned a great deal about Forensics and the laws of Evidence. Amazing course. Absolutely, flat out amazing. This is why we are thankful we have one of the best Forensic Institutes in the country in our state. TAKE THIS COURSE.

Right to Privacy by Attorney Daniel Klau - (I've mentioned him before.) An excellent course by an excellent teacher. Could swear I wrote a review of it but I can't seem to find it right now. In any case, even if you're only mildly interested in the subject matter. TAKE THIS COURSE. Just excellent. By far one of the best I took in law school.

Okay, and your second question. I'll try to remember to ask one of my bosses and see if they're interested in a summer intern or associate or some such. I don't want to sound downbeat or upbeat and it's really hard to not sound the former and harder still to sound the latter. But I'll try to remember to ask, that's all I can do.

Though I'll ask whether you're into patent law and/or have taken any IP courses. Just to get a baseline. :)

Any more questions? (This is fun!)

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Remember, remember, the fifth of November...

The gunpowder treason and plot. I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.

I saw V for Vendetta today. A nice translation of Alan Moore's seminal graphic novel. According to an interview, Moore was upset with the movie and did not want his name connected with it. To be honest, it was a fairly good translation of the graphic novel. I rather liked it, even as it was "updated" for modern times, as it must be. I highly recommend you see this one in the theater. Well done.

I've been busy of late. I got back into World of Warcraft. I joined a new guild and am doing some end-game raiding 1-3 nights a week. Keeps me busy for better or worse. Though my Warlock is getting better-outfitted and I'm rather enjoying it. The guild is *excellent* and the game is fun again. Nice for a change.

I very recently purchased components for a new computer. Did lots of research then bought these. I assembled it last week and started *trying* to install the operating system (Windows XP Pro x64). Turning out to be a *BIG* pain, that. So now I'm working on that, on and off. Hopefully I can figure it out so I can get on with installing to then using the computer. Should put my old one to utter shame. (Least it better!)

I'm currently watching "Dark Kingdom" on Sci Fi, a Sci Fi Channel made-for-TV miniseries thing. I think April is their miniseries month and some of them are downright good! This one is very good! I had to miss an hour for the new West Wing tonight and I've been watching it on and off after but from what I've seen, very nice.

That's it for now. Maybe I'll post more than once a month. Who knows? I'll tell you what though, if you reply to this post with a comment, maybe even a question, I'll endeavor to post a post about the topic or with an answer or some such. Maybe I'll get to see who's out there still, eh?