Wednesday, April 27, 2005

"Did he just say..."

Pure instantaneous terror. Have you ever had a point in your life where pure, instantaneous terror set in? I had one of those moments this morning.

Picture this.

It's the last class for my Right to Privacy Seminar. The professor, whom I have mentioned elsewhere on this blog, is wrapping up. It's been a terrific semester. Great class. Etc. It seems like he's honestly happy with how the course went and with us. (Yay for us.) By this point, I've exited Microsoft Word on my computer and am prepared, once he's finished, to power it down and pack my things up.

The prof. then says something to the effect of "I want to mention a website I found this semester that you should look at." A few more words and he starts writing on the board. At this juncture I've perked up a little, thinking: "Okay, a website on privacy law. Cool. Let me open up my class notes and jot it down." I try to predict the website as he's writing it on the board. I see an "s" -- hmmm.. Secretary of something? I don't know. The next letter is an "e". Followed by an "a", "s", "o", and "n".

And my stomach bottoms out as I realize what he's writing. "Season of Mists." Oh my G-d. Did he just write my blog's title on the board in front of the whole class? Oh my G-d! At this point, I'm just stunned and trying desperately not to smile too noticeably or turn a heretofor unseen bright shade of red. The prof.'s comments on the "website" are nothing but complimentary and encouraging. I remember the word "insightful" was used at one point. Oh my G-d. He wrote my blog's title on the board. My mind just raced in circles, trying to comprehend or, failing that, catch up.

I'm not sure if I'm happy or upset with this turn of events. I have to thank the prof. for his kind words. I was completely shocked and taken back. It's one of those things that I would never have anticipated in a million years. Just beyond my predictive abilities, completely. I know that at least a few if not most or all of the students in the class will make it to this blog now. It's the kind of thing where I write these posts and throw them out into the ether without expecting them to boomerang back to me in the real world. I've had it happen once before, in the Fall a 1L complimented me on the blog at a meeting. But wholesale advertisement to a small group of students by a third party professor?!?!? Wow.

So, to those UConn Law students from my Right to Privacy Seminar who are reading this, Hello! Hope you find the site to your liking!

To my prof. who so skillfully (he never hinted that the "website" was the blog of a student sitting in the class, nor did he provide any explicit or detailed description of the website's content) and kindly advertised this blog's presence, thank you. I appreciate your thoughts and thank you in kind for an excellent seminar!

And to all those who meet neither of the above, thanks for stopping by! I hope your stay is a pleasant one! Cheers!