Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Top Ten Laws I Want To See Enacted

10. Free coffee before 10am for law students.

9. Law school siesta from 3pm to 5pm. Free beer supplied on-campus during this time.

8. Free coffee after 10am for law students.

7. As an option to the coffee, Peach Diet Snapple will also be available.

6. All paper requirements for graduation and courses shall be null and void.

5. The temperature shall remain a steady 60 degrees Fahrenheit with light, if any, wind. The sun shall shine as well.

4. World of Warcraft shall be deemed an addictive stimulant, though legal. However, smoking is illegal if undertaken within 50 feet of my person.

3. There shall be established a new law school course. The course requirement is to attend a different movie every week in the movie theaters. There is no discussion requirement, paper requirement or final exam. Mere attendance shall suffice. This is a seminar and, hence, will not carry the B-median.

2. The Federal Tax course is now null and void.

1. Third year students expecting to graduate shortly shall be exempt from everything.