Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Garbage's New Album: Bleed Like Me

Garbage (the band, not the refuse) very recently released their fourth album (the first three being: Garbage [self-titled], Version 2.0, and Beautiful Garbage). Me being a *big* Garbage fan, I picked up the album last week for my weekend trip. I also listened to it quite a few times and have hence formed a conclusion on/of it.

If you like Garbage's music in general, chances are you'll like this album. It doesn't have the original rock/punk edge of their first album. It doesn;t have the techno-like feel of their second album. It doesn't have the weird pseudo-rock of the third album. Rather it has elements of all of them and more. To me it feels like more of a return to the roots of their music, more like the first album than any other since. Even so, the new songs are quite unique and different stylistically.

I must say that the songs tend to carry what I will call the "soulful" elements of Garbage's music. Unabashedly disturbing at times and always very honest and heartfelt. I have to say that this particular aspect is what continually pulls me back to their music. The lyrics are so interesting and often poignant that I find the mix of music and words is truly engaging. A rarity in today's music world.

My favorite song thus far is the title song of the album, Bleed Like Me. Here's a link to the lyrics for that song. I encourage you to check them out. The song itself I find to be soulful and deep. It discusses various.. I'm not even sure how to categorize all of them. Various activities? That fails to do them justice. Various (usually) self-inflicted, negative activities perhaps. The category is comprised of: anorexia, gender confusion, cutting, therapy, and drinking. A very interesting song and quite melodic to boot.

Anyways, if you like Garbage's other albums, check this one out.