Saturday, April 30, 2005

Yesterday, Last Night & Today

Briefly though.


Met up with The Ex and 2 good friends (Captain Kate of the 5th Armed Bucket Brigade and her fiancee). Had lunch then saw the Hitchhiker's movie. A full review is in order though I don't have time for it right this instant. Look for a review later tonight or tomorrow. As for yesterday itself, was okay. I'm very glad my friends were there to lend support, conversation and viewpoints. I owe them. As for The Ex, well, I don't want to air her recent personal tragedy here. Let's just say she was a bit down (understatement) but didn't bring us down and was generally pleasant. However, I did realize that I have absolutely no interest in hanging out with her. At all. Period.


I was playing my game (World of Warcraft, WoW) as usual. I've been trying to get this one item (the Lightforge Breastplate) for a looooooong time now, something on the order of a month, maybe more. It's the last piece I need(ed) in the Lightforge set. Last night, on a UBRS (Upper Blackrock Spire) raid, I GOT MY LF BP!!!! *angels singing* ::me doing my happy dance:: I'm the second person in my guild (The Enclave) to put together an entire class set. (First one was Elidor, a mage.)

Also, a few guildmates and I have started planning on an Onyxia raid Wed. next week. Hopefully we can get enough people and make this thing work. Would be awesome if we could form a set, weekly Onyxia raid. Maybe then expand to a Molten Core one too. We'll have to see.


I'm currently sitting in my Fed Tax Review. Just question & answer. I'm here for the osmosis principle. After this, I call up The Girl and we're gonna catch The Hitchhiker's movie. (My 2nd viewing.) Probably hang out afterwards too.

Yesterday, when I realized that I have no interest in hanging with The Ex, I also realized that I enjoy hanging out with The Girl. Naturally, that begged the questions - "Why? What's different here?" This leads into a consideration of the breakup (to be fair, she dumped me) between The Ex and myself and why, in retrospect, I'm glad we're not still going out. (The short, dirty version is that I don't think The Ex is necessarily a nice, considerate person at heart. In retrospect, I could see this manifested in a few ways. No more details forthcoming here.) In contrast, The Girl is quite nice and shares a bit more with me. Shares as in love of movies, movie preferences, humor and general attitude. I feel like we get each other. Plus she's considerate, very much like I think (hope?) I am. (Much like I aspire to be, perhaps.) I'm not sure if I'd say we 'grok' each other but it's heading towards that (I think).

So today should be infinitely more *fun* than yesterday. I'm looking forward to it.

I'm starting to freak out now over the things I need to do within the next 2 weeks or so. 'Course I did this to myself, as always, so I really don't have a position from which to complain. (And I honestly try my best not to complain, at all.) I'll have to start working with the "pick 'em up, put 'em down" theory and push through the work. (Theory derived from Stephen King's novella "The Long Walk.") It's about time.