Wednesday, May 04, 2005


I've been rather busy of late. Not busy as in studying for my two exams next week. Not busy as in working on one of the four papers I have to finish. Not busy as in cleaning up my apartment (though I did take out *some* of the trash). Not busy as in working on the Connecticut Bar Exam Application. Not busy as in hanging out with friends. Not busy as in doing anything that could even remotely be considered productive.


I've been busy playing this stupid, effing game.

And I'm not done yet.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to start doing productive things. (Though staying awake until 1am may hamper this lofty goal.) I have a review session for my Right to Privacy class tomorrow afternoon. Maybe I'll begin work on the paper due on Friday. Who knows!

However, there is one thing ocurring tomorrow that I wish to mention. I am leading a raid tomorrow night in an attempt to kill one of the high level monsters in World of Warcraft.

The short version of the explanation goes like this.. Once you reach the highest level in the game, 60, you spend a lot of your time attaining better equipment. The best equipment is on the hardest enemies. The tougher enemies require more players and better tactics to kill to get the better loot. I am in a small guild there, one without a lot of 60's. So, when I go on 5, 10 or 15-man raids, I do so either with people I've met and respect or with random people. The toughest monsters require 30-40 people. One of these tough monsters is called Onyxia. She's a dragon. A *badass* dragon. Not the toughest enemy in the game by far, but certainly a challenge until you learn how to slay her. Tomorrow night, I will attempt to gather 39 other like-minded players (many of whom I have never met before) and lead them in slaughtering her.

Hopefully that sounds as difficult as I anticipate it will be.

I've been trying to do my homework for this, learning about our foe and the strategies needed to bring her down.

Here's a link to The Onyxia Bible, an invaluable resource in this endeavor.

If we succeed, we won't be the first to kill her. We won't have been the first group on our server. We won't have been the first pickup raid to do so. However, it will have been the first raid of *mine* that has done so. And *that* would be awesome!

In the end, I'm planning on making this a weekly event. In the future, we'll probably give raid-membership preference to those who've raided with us before but if we have open spots, we'll pick up who we can and have at it.

It should be quite an experience. I anticipate learning a great deal though I doubt we'll be successful. (Not that that will even come close to stopping us!) No, in the end, I really hope it'll just be a lot of fun!

We now return you to your non-WoW (World of Warcraft) related posts. (Maybe.)