Sunday, May 22, 2005

Happy Graduation to the UConn Law Class of 2005!

Today is Graduation! (Yay!) It is currently wet and rainy outside. (Boo!) I'm up a bit early but what am I gonna do?

Graduation is one of those events that, although intrinsically tied to those graduating, is not for them. Rather it is for the family and friends of the graduates. Given a choice, I'm sure most of the graduates would be happy just having finished their classes. The pomp and circumstance isn't very much fun. The speakers are usually dry and uninteresting. The ceremony is long and boring. But the parents expect it. The students anticipate it. The clouds rain for it. And so we march, like good law students, in about 3 1/2 hours.

My grandparents, aunt and one cousin came down yesterday. It's a moderately big deal for my grandparents, mostly because they're rather up there in years. (My grandfather is 91.) They and my other relatives are probably more excited than me.

After everything is done today, the visiting relatives will get on the road. (Travel can be tough, especially on the grandparents.) I suspect I'll be hanging out with The Girl tonight as I spoke with her briefly yesterday night.

Although it's hard to believe it's over (sort of), 3 years of law school, it's about time. You'd be hard-pressed to find a graduate of the law school today who does not think they've had enough. Law school is very draining. It's like a leech, sucking away at your well-being, your life, your soul. But enough with that. Today is supposed to be a 'happy', joyous day. Yay! In about 5 days, I begin studying for the Bar Exam. Yay!