Monday, September 06, 2004

TV, TV, TV, TV, TV, & TV

There are a number of TV shows kicking into gear in the next few weeks. Here are a few that I'd like to draw your attention to.


Joey starts up this Thursday, Sep. 12 on NBC. It features the exploits of Joey from Friends as he pursues his acting career.

Jack & Bobby premieres on the WB on Sep. 12. The tagline: "What if you could watch the next great American president grow up?"

CBS has a trio for ya. On Wed., Sep. 22 there's CSI: NY, the third installment in the CSI legacy. This one stars Gary Sinise and has Jerry Bruckheimer as one of the Executive Producers.

The original CSI has its season premiere on the following night, Sep. 23.

Dr. Vegas premieres the next evening, Sep. 24. This one stars Rob Lowe and Joe Pantoliano. I guess this is Rob Lowe's next attempt in the wake of last years failed Lyon's Den. (LD has 13 episodes to its name but only 6 were aired -- Ouch!)

Boston Legal premieres on Sunday, Oct. 3 on ABC. That one stars James Spader and William Shatner.


That should keep us busy for a while. Or at least until The West Wing (or here) finally gets back in gear. Mmmm... Presidential...