Sunday, September 19, 2004

"The [Dirty/Durty] Shamrock [Cafe]" Review

Last Thursday, my Clan hit "The Shamrock Cafe" aka "The Dirty Shamrock" aka "The Durty Shamrock" aka "The Hooker Saloon" aka "The Place Formerly Known As The Troutbrook Brewery." Phew! I'm not actually sure which title is accurate. The sign says Cafe but the word of mouth says Dirty and the internet searches say Durty and Saloon. Huh.

Anyways, how to get there: From the intersection in Hartford of Park Ave. and New Park Ave./Sisson Ave. head South on Park Ave. Take your second right. The place is just down on the right.

They moved the bar to the main room and cleared it out. When we were there, there was a DJ spinning out some awful hip hop/rap tunes. (Not a fan.) The food was good bar food: nachos, potato skins, wings, etc. The beer was pretty inexpensive (aka cheap). When we were there, pitchers were $5 for Pabst Blue Ribbon or, if you felt like splurging (which I did because I am decidedly not a fan of PBR), $10 for Killian's. They have a nice BIG screen TV in the pool room, if you want to watch. (We watched The Apprentice.) Of course they have Golden Tee. All in all, not a bad place. Good beer selection, good prices. When we went, the place was positively empty. So I don't know if you'd want to go because we like the place not packed. But I guess they need the business so give 'em a shot and see what you think!