Thursday, September 23, 2004

Recent Visitors and Referrals

I don't like to routinely comment on visitors as I don't want to identify and potentially discourage repeat visitors. Nonetheless, three recent visitors caught my eye. (And apologies in advance for identifying your domain, which incidentally is the only identifiable information available. So don't worry. I'm neither a NARC nor am I NARCing on you.)

The three interesting visitors were, one each, from:So... potentially there are individuals from two governments investigating (or observing) my blog and one from a bank. Huh. Well, I only hope the Dept. of State reads me my rights before they haul me off. If not, mmm... trial fun... And as for the bank, think I can get a loan? (I must warn you, I have very few assets.)

And two interesting MSN Searches that led to the blog:Interesting ones, really. Especially since I only once mentioned Smithwick's beer (though not in reference to an advertising campaign) and although I do have a post on alcoholism (or alcholoism) I don't discuss any sex relation thereto, especially in conjunction with selling the alcohol.

G-d bless thy wayward souls who happen in mistake upon this blog. May G-d preserve and guide you in your journeys. (And here's hoping those journeys lead you back here some day soon!)