Sunday, September 05, 2004

Blawging For Dummies Law Students

Earlier I posted about blog reading. Well, the same site (Notes from the (Legal) Underground) that wrote on that topic linked me to this one: A Guide to Blawging for 1L's (Courtesy of Neo Tokyo Times).

NTT's advice is rather poignant and indeed should be observed by those of us "blawging" while attending law school. To illustrate each of his (or her) points, I shall now violate them in sequential order:
I once had an ingrown hair on my arse.

That idiot in my Bus. Org. class truly is a bastard.

Man, that guy in my Crim. Pro. class is a complete moron. Oh, I don't mean Roger. No, he's a friggin' know it all. Bastard...

One day during my first year, one of my professors was teaching class and on that day he had chosen to wear a pink shirt. He had also forgotten to completely examine his zipper, or "xyz" in kid-speak. A tail of his pink shirt was poking out of his pants in exactly the wrong place. It took him over ten minutes to figure out why half the glass was snickering. Absolutely hilarious.

I was completely distracted by that girl in front of me in Antitrust. Her spaghetti-strap top was killer. My loins were a smolderin' that day, I tell you.

There once in the court was a justice
Who lusted for a prostitute, Lustice
Said Brennan to Black
Yeah she has a nice rack
But her breath reeks when she goes to kiss us.
Granted I fudged the limerick but even so I think these definitely show that us law student blawgers should follow NTT's advice. To the letter. Or the "t." But only if "t" isn't a letter. And only if Lustice isn't in town. (I make no promises!)

ADDENDUM: Nod to Evan (at NftLU) for the link. Cheers mate! [11:56 PM]

ADDENDUM II: In retrospect, this was probably not the best way to go about making a point. Nonetheless, I will leave the post as is in an exercise of humility. If anyone of consequence or import happens upon this particular post and begins to wonder about me.. ummm... it was the one-armed man. No, really! [12:33 AM, 9/06/04]