Thursday, September 16, 2004

This Interview Is Over.

Well, seeing as I missed yesterday and today's looking tight (and I won't be around tomorrow), I'm going to end the "Top Ten Worst Interview Questions" line. At 14 lists, I feel pretty good about it. Granted, some of the lists, especially the ones towards the end, were reaching a bit, but all in all it was a fun exercise. In fact, depending on how my interview looks (I only have one coming up next week thus far), I may incorporate one or more of the "worst" responses. Maybe that should be a goal of mine... Maybe that should be a goal of mine only if the interview goes horribly, and I mean horribly, wrong. Like flying monkeys wrong. Or homicidal baboons wrong. Or "gee, I bet she's making a pass at me" wrong. (i.e. A sudden onset of lack-of-any-and-all-common-sense.)

Btw, posting will be light until Saturday or Sunday. I'm visiting my grandparents in New York tomorrow (Glens Falls to be precise). Just for the day. For the holidays.

This morning when I turned on my laptop, a "burned out" line (one pixel in height) appeared on my laptop's screen in the middle. I haven't looked into Dell's policies yet (this laptop is ~1.5 years old) nor have I looked into the problem/a solution. If you have any suggestions or thoughts, let me know. (I'm going to back up my crucial data asap in case the screen dies entirely.)

Another btw, tonight my "Clan" (the term I will use to refer to the group of law students and non-law students I hang out with on a regular basis, total number in the 15-20 range) will hit The Dirty Shamrock, a "new" local pub located on the site of the former Troutbrook Brewery (which we used to frequent). I'll report back on the success or failure of our venture. I plan on staying for only a short time but that should be enough to initially gauge the establishment.

ADDENDUM: Look for your next, new Top Ten List next Wednesday. (Unless you organize a rebellion and take over control of the blog. Good luck!) [7:48 PM]