Thursday, September 16, 2004

Making The Rounds III

Things I don't want to forget.

Slashdot post re PS2 Final Fantasy VII spinoff. (Yay!!!) For those who don't know, Final Fantasy VII kicked ass.

Slashdot post re HardOCP wins against Infinium. No clue what this is but I'm curious.

Slashdot post re solve Google's math puzzle and potentially win a job! I will not be competing as I have determined that the answer is too easy to bother spending time on.

Phosita post re the stories behind everyday inventions part iii. Parts i and ii immediately preceding iii.

Phosita post re Christina Aguilera trademarking her name.

WILL WHEATON dot NET post mentions The Top 25 Futurama Moments.

BoingBoing post re using maggots as a band-aid.

BoingBoing post re Quake 4 screenshots.

BoingBoing post re panic-inducing airline emergency information cards.

For balance, BoingBoing post re Discovery Channel's 10 Best Bathrooms.

/End random surfing and time-filler.