Thursday, September 30, 2004

Making The Rounds V

Well, these are all courtesy of Slashdot so it's more like round rather than rounds.

Dilbert's Ultimate House (DUH) just looks cool. Then again, I consider myself to be something of a minor nerd so I suppose I should like it...

Slashdot: Part Of The Patriot Act Shot Down. This was from yesterday. From Slashdot: "the section of the Patriot Act which gives power to the FBI to demand confidential financial records from companies as part of terrorist investigations has been ruled unconstitutional by a U.S. District Judge." I need to look into this.

Slashdot: Online Game Encouraging Spam. " (an online game) has posted instructions on how to spam their unique link using underhanded and fraudulent techniques such as misleading URLs in forums and emails." Very interesting.

Slashdot: More Calls for Patent Reform. "...[in] a book by a Harvard B School and Brandeis economics professor about how broken the patent system is in general. In short their book argues that the entire system is a (stunned silence) scam." I can't comment as to the book or its views but I can say that I don't think it's a scam. Then again, perhaps I'm biased since I'll be working in the field. Or maybe I have more or better information upon which to draw. Not enough information here to conclude anything other than the professor is a weasel. (Just kidding!)

Slashdot: Caffeine Withdrawal Recognized As Real. "New research at Johns Hopkins should result in it being included in the next edition of the DSM, and recognized by the World Health Organization." So... there was doubt? I don't think Energy Spatula had/has any such doubts.

Slashdot: X Prize Launch At Mojave Spaceport. "Bert Rutan and Paul Allen's Scaled composites is preparing to make the first of 2 launches necessary. For the uninitiated, the X-Prize is a $10M prize available to the first entirely privately funded organization that creates a vehicle that travels to 100km above the earth's surface (low earth orbit) twice within 2 weeks." The first flight was successful (or so I presume from what I read and heard). SpaceShipOne will be attempting two more launches within the two week window. Good luck & godspeed!