Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Of Football, the Sun and an Apology

[In that order.]

On Saturday, I went to the UConn v. Duke football game over at Rentschler Field. Why you may ask? Why did I attend when I have never done so before and don't particularly care for football in general? Two reasons. First, the SBA had a tailgate party that I felt I should attend. Second, a friend of mine, a fellow SBA Rep., said she would drive. We only stayed for the first half of the game.

Why do I mention the game? Two reasons. First, it was sunny out and so I got burned in the very real and literal sense. (Note that this was my first time outdoors for any length of time for the entire Summer.) Just my forehead, back of the knees, ears and nose but enough to be really annoying. I shall refrain from embarking upon a discussion that would elucidate the "gross factor" inherent in my present recovery.

Second, and of infinitely more interest, by leaving early we missed a certain cheer in the second half. The specific one in question was the "Stick it in" cheer, I assume as applied to field goals. From all reports, this cheer not only involved various lascivious movements and concomitant actions on behalf of the cheerleaders (both women and men), but equally provocative movements and dancing in the stands as well. Others who witnessed and partook of the festivities noted that it was quite a sight to behold. If anyone out there can further clarify or explain, please do so. The cheer alone might have made up for the further roasting I would undoubtedly have received.

Lastly, an apology for failing to provide a Top Ten last night. Tonight I shall endeavor to post at least two such lists, possibly a third for atonement if time permits.

Don't forget to catch Nip/Tuck tonight on FX at 10pm! Looks like another solid episode. I'd describe it except that would require some web surfing and I'm out of time. (Again.)

ADDENDUM: Our seats were in the students section, right at one of the end zones. This meant we were sitting primarily with UConn undergrad. students, from Storrs, CT. They were of an entirely different and altogether heartier breed, both as measured in beer consumption and general activity and rowdiness. If I were to attend a UConn football game again, I would probably try to get tickets for somewhere else in the stadium. [5:16 PM]