Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Top Ten Law School Curses

21. May the prof. call on you the one day you did not do the reading.

20. May your computer crash without you having made backups of vital documents.

19. May you live in interesting times. (link, link, link, link.)

18. May you miss the deadline of a paper that is worth 50% of your final grade and not have a good excuse.

17. May the force not be with you.

16. May your research prove fruitless.

15. May you ask stupid questions in your classes and hold up progress such that all of the students, and the professor, wish you were mute.

14. May you incur the wrath of the dean.

13. May the library not have on hand the books that you seek.

12. May you fail in all of your endeavors.

11. May the authorities take an interest in you.

10. May the professor catch you playing games on your computer.

9. May the Westlaw and Lexis Nexis printers irreparably jam on you.

8. May fellow students catch you surfing for porn in the middle of class.

7. May you be behind the grading curve.

6. May you take the complete opposite (“wrong”) position from your professors viewpoint.

5. May the gods give you everything that you desire.

4. May your fellow students learn that you have a blog and publicize that information to the rest of the school, including the faculty and administration.

3. May you obviously fall asleep in the middle of your classes.

2. May the professor ignore any and all questions you have.

1. May you not drop out of law school but forever wish you had.