Friday, October 01, 2004

Some Random Observations From A Mildly Sleep-Addled Mind

After adding cream and sweet 'n low to my coffee, floating things in it do not bother me.

During the walk from the parking lot to work, I noticed that on a USA Today newspaper vending thing someone had scrawled the word "LIES" across the clear front.

Apparently there's some sort of women's convention taking place at the Hartford Civic Center today. I know this because the parking lot where I park was nearly full and I asked the gentleman at the entrance. I hope I can get my car out when I leave today. Once I was nearly blocked in because the operators of the parking lot, in their infinite wisdom, decided to increase their available number of parking spaces by parking cars in the aisles, effectively blocking in many, MANY cars.

The deconstruction of the Civic Center Mall goes swimmingly. I want to compare it to something but I do not know what. Maybe it is not unlike an autopsy where they make holes in the structure and then remove the innards? Kind of a "yuck" analogy.

I am tired. Oh so tired. And while technically it is my fault, it is not entirely my responsibility since work killed my intentions of sleeping in yesterday morning.

Hopefully I won't forget to catch Rob Lowe's new TV show tonight, Dr. Vegas. I want to see a little of it while it's still on the air.