Monday, October 25, 2004

"Once again, things that could have been brought to my attention YESTERDAY!"

(Title from The Wedding Singer.)

I got a notice under my apt. door today from the management. Apparently within 6 days of my receipt of the notice, personnel will be working in the common areas of my building. What, pray tell, will they be doing?
[The Contractor's] personnel will be abating all items identified during a risk assessment completed... in July of last year.
And what will this abatement entail?
The results of the post project testing and the specific nature of the work will be provided to tenants after the work is completed.
Sooooo they won't tell us what they're remediating until after it's done. Hmmm, sounds fishy to me.

Of course the punchline is the next sentence after the one I quoted above:
The Contractor will be following a strict plan, which has been approved by the local, state and federal agencies regarding lead-based paint abatement.
So management won't tell us what the "personnel" will be doing but they will tell us that the "Contractor" will be following established guidelines for lead-based paint abatement. Nope, no clue here! I wonder what ever they will be doing.

I think I'll check the Connecticut statutes regarding lead-based paint abatement. Shouldn't they have warned us, the tenants? Then again, what am I going to do? I live here. Besides, isn't lead-based paint only hazardous if you breathe in the chips/dust or touch it a lot or some such? (None of which I hopefully do or will do.) Anyways, I'll probably check the statutes just for fun, see what they say. Maybe this will help me when it comes time to think about renewing my lease. (Plus, management should expect such anal retentiveness. There are a few law students living in their buildings, after all.)

And in retrospect, guess I shouldn't have been licking the walls of cracked and chipping paint in the basement, eh?