Saturday, October 09, 2004

Fall Ball Report & "H"

Fall Ball went well enough. Had a good time with her, danced, drank, etc. Got along fine if not very well. I don't know what else to say about it. My only complaints have nothing to do with her. Rather, the drinks were too expensive, the food too sparse and the ticket prices too steep. Notwithstanding, not a bad start to the weekend!

Also, I have been informed that referring to her as "the ex" is incorrect. I should refer to her as "the girl I used to date" given the time durations involved. (See previous post.) Rather than use this lengthier moniker, I shall henceforth refer to "the ex" (or "the girl I used to date") as "H" (noting again that her name does not necessarily begin with nor contain an "h").

One interesting item I should probably not post but shall. At the semiformal, I ran into a friend of O's. How do I know this, not having met her (the friend) before? Because she identified herself as such and noted that she was unable to drag O to the Fall Ball. (The friend approached me and volunteered this info.) IMO, this bodes both ways. As a friend expressed, good in that O has spoken of me with her friends. As I interpret, potentially bad in that reports of my exploits this night with H may, by this intermediary friend of O, make it to O. I suppose the latter is inevitable and I really wasn't doing anything untoward. (Honestly!) I also suppose that the former does bode well to some degree.

I don't know. It's almost late, I'm trying to sober up some and will shortly be asleep. I have to pick up H in the morn so we can head off to the wedding nice & early. Time to call it for blogging.