Saturday, October 16, 2004

Mmm... Smells like ashtrays.

I am a non-smoker. That is, I do not shorten my lifespan on a regular basis by inhaling noxious clouds of ill-smelling, burning material. That is not what I choose to do with my life. However, both my aunt and uncle do so choose. And it stinks (both literally and figuratively) as a non-smoker to stay in their house, as I did Friday into Saturday. Your clothing reeks. You reek. And the second-hand smoke helps shorten your life, too.

To wit, I traveled to Iceland with a law student friend of mine whose name rhymes with lawless. He's a smoker. Not a chimney but enough that it was exceedingly annoying. And, since we were in Iceland, there was no limit on where one could smoke. Out of kindness to me, he did not smoke in the hotel room. However, that only saved my clean clothing as he could, and did, smoke whilst we ate, walked, saw things, shopped, etc. I came back from the trip abolsutely reeking of smoke, even as he smoked in the car on the drive back. (Granted it was his car and he was driving, for which I am thankful.) Upon arriving in my apartment, the first thing I did, and I mean THE VERY FIRST THING, before anything else, was I stripped down, grabbed a hot shower and put on some clean, SMOKE-FREE clothes. (I thereafter isolated the trip's garments such that they would not smell up other things in my apt., such as the apt.)

I don't really, usually mind the smokers. (As long as I'm upwind of them, that is.) And I do occasionally have a cigarette myself (albeit it's on the order of 6-10 per year and only during heavy drinking). So please don't hold any of this over my head the next time I bum a cigarette but I wish the smokers out there would do one of two things. A) Figure out that life is worth living and kick the habit. OR B) Find a quicker, less painful way of killing yourselves that does not also adversely affect my health. Please?