Sunday, October 10, 2004

The Wedding

Congratulations to a law school friend on his excellent wedding! It was truly and utterly gorgeous! Lord Thompson's Manor is an amazing location. The ceremony was very nicely done and the food was outrageous. The staff was on top of everything. There was this sweet firepit outside that I huddled around with my friends for the majority of the event. The liquor, wine and beer flowed freely. All in all, good times.

As for H, she and I got along fine. Nothing too good or too bad to report. Very middle of the road. (Btw, I'm typing this from the hotel's business center. Afaik, H isn't even up yet whereas I couldn't fall back asleep.) I suppose things between H and I could have gone better but they also could have gone infinitely worse so on the whole, t'was a pleasant time.

I will say that, if anything, this weekend reinforced my non-desire to strike things up again with H. That is, I would rather do any manner of horrible, awful things than get back together with her. Not to say this wasn't my position before but it certainly cemented it a bit more.

Interesting topic of discussion from last night around the firepit. (Btw, this was a rather large firepit, probably 6 feet in diameter.) Something I've known for quite a long time but has not been verbalized amongst my friends and I as far as I can remember. There are no secrets in our group. That is, if you tell something to one person, chances are that information will make it to everyone in the group eventually. This holds true especially for the more "juicier" tidbits. For example, I once told a good friend of mine in the group (a guy with whom I vacationed in Iceland last Spring) a secret of mine once. Well, really it wasn't a secret but rather just some piece of information. Within a brie time, this info. was known to various other peoples. Now in counterpoint to that example, I've also told a few people in the group about an exceedingly private incident. Afaik to date, that one hasn't made the rounds. Though, in light of my previous statements, I should probably not be surprised if and when the story does get out. Anyways, just a cautionary note that nothing secret truly stays secret and unknown.

An excellent Stephen King quote: "Guilt and secrets, like murdered bones, never rest easy, but the knowledge of all three can be lived with." (From Eyes of the Dragon.)