Friday, October 08, 2004

Babysit this!

CNN - Girl attacked babysitter with machete:
BARSTOW, California (AP) -- An 11-year-old attacked her baby sitter with a machete during a struggle that included attempts by the girl to grab a baseball bat, a shovel and a BB gun, investigators said.
The girl and the sitter had gotten into an argument over feeding a dog, and the girl began to beat and choke the animal, Hubbard said. The sitter tried to pry the girl off the dog.

The scuffle moved to the front yard, where the girl grabbed a shovel and then a baseball bat in an attempt to attack the woman, Hubbard said. The girl next found a BB gun, but the woman got it away from her, he said.

The altercation continued until the girl found the machete lying in the yard and began to chase the woman, who took refuge in the bathroom, Hubbard said.
Quite an 11-year-old there. My favorite part is that there was a shovel, a baseball bat, a BB gun AND a machete just lying around in the front yard. Makes perfect sense to me!