Friday, October 08, 2004

"But, soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the East, and Juliet is the sun."

To date, I have avoided posting much about my private life as it were. I'm not entirely sure why other than I know some people who read this blog know who I am (IRL) and also it's not too difficult to find this blog by googling me. (Plus I doubt readers want to hear all about my love life or lack thereof.) Nonetheless, here's a post on this exciting topic. Depending on reader response (or lack thereof), I may or may not do more posts like this in the future.

Back in the Spring, stemming from the Spring Fling, (one of my law school's semiannual semi-formals) I met a girl who I ended up going out with for about 5 weeks or so. For lack of a better descriptive, I shall refer to her as "the Ex." At the time, I was a 2L and she a 1L. [Now, I've only had one girlfriend before and that was back in college when I went out with a freshman (while I was a sophomore). That one lasted 6-7 months.] When the Ex and I broke (at her prompting), it was amicable and on a gentle note, so to speak. She wished to remain friends and I agreed. Since then, and that occurred back in late May or early June, we have remained friends, hanging out a couple times, with little discord. I am very confident that the Ex does not read this blog (yet at least). (However a good friend of the Ex does read this blog, hehe. The friend has expressed that she will not tell the Ex, though.)

Last Saturday night, I went to a birthday celebration for a friend of mine whose name does not begin with an "A." At said celebration, I met a 2L who shares very similar tastes in movies as I do. I somewhat forcibly, due to the 3 rum 'n cokes that eve, asked to borrow her videotapes of Briscow County, Jr. (an excellent western/sci fi TV series from the 90's that starred the amazing Bruce Campbell). She and I went for coffee this past Wednesday afternoon (two days ago) and ended up getting dinner and hanging out until a bit past midnight. I shall refer to her as "O" although her name does not necessarily begin with or contain an "o." Of note here is that, as with the Ex, O had been previously engaged. Except unlike the Ex, O's engagement had not been terribly far into the past. (An oblique way of saying it hasn't been all that long since the engagement was broken off. E.g. Less than 1.5 years but more than 4 months, to keep this vague.) Via e-mails on Thursday, O explained she wasn't ready for a relationship due to the aforementioned previous engagement. I agreed and O and I will likely hang out in the near future (next week), catching movies and such. (I owe her a dinner too.) I showed O this blog so she may or may not read it.

This weekend I have two events coming up. Tonight there's the Fall Ball (the companion to the above-explained Spring Fling) and tomorrow (Saturday) there's the wedding of a law school friend of mine. What's interesting to note is that I shall be attending both with the Ex as my date. Although I anticipate that the events will be enjoyable and we'll have a good time, I can't help but be wary of the dynamics. The present interactions between the Ex and myself, although amicable and pleasant, are always accompanied by a subtle undercurrent of tension (at least as so perceived by myself). Notwithstanding, we do get along.

So, even as I enter this activity-laden weekend, I approach it with a mixture of excitement, anticipation and no small measure of caution. T'will be an interesting time, to say the least, and possibly a heckuva lot of fun. Of course I have errands to run this afternoon and an e-mail to O to send out. (Btw, I didn't tell O about any of this -- I mean this weekend's activities or the Ex. But given O's e-mail and the incredibly brief duration thus far, I'm not too concerned should she read the blog and learn of all this from/through it rather than in conversation.)

Interesting times, true-believers. Interesting times.