Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The Not-Quite-So-Short-As-The-Short-Version Version

(The story to date.)

Well, hung out with "O" last night. (Btw, from here on out, I shall refer to "O" as "Ophelia" instead since a name may help memory retention more so than a letter. Again, this does not necessarily bear any relation to her real name whatsoever. Also, I couldn't think of a non-associative, better female name beginning with "O" to use. So deal and please do not read in any of those associations as they are entirely inapplicable.) So I hung out with Ophelia. We caught Shaun of the Dead (see review) as that was the planned activity. Afterwards, a pint and a snack at a local pub (the Wood -n- Tap) followed by an episode of Briscow County, Jr. and hanging out back at my apt.

I’m encouraged because I feel that I met one of my goals - to find common ground with Ophelia that does not involve movies. I am moderately well-versed while she is a veritable walking encyclopedia regarding movies, old and new. My goal was to find some other topic or topics by which we could relate and have a discussion. Not a difficult task, thankfully, and hopefully encouraging by its facility alone, let alone the conversations and so forth.

I can't help but say that I enjoyed last night and had a great time. (Why else would I willingly stay up to 3am, knowing full well I have a full day the next and would wake between 7 and 7:30am?) As for minor details, and I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but Ophelia paid for dinner (for the both of us at Ruby Tuesday's) last time. This time everything was split, dutch. Though I told her that I owe her and will eventually buy her dinner. One last, brief observation (and I know we're only friends, atm, and that she may read this at some point - but whatever). I can't help but mention that I like her laugh. You ever notice how a woman's laugh can make or break one's impression of her? (Think of Chandler's old flame, Janice, on Friends and her incessantly annoying, and distinctive, laugh.) Ophelia's laugh is excellent.

As for the next, my prediction is that we'll trade e-mails this week before figuring out that we'll hang out again next Sunday or Monday. She's incredibly busy and I have various things of my own to take care of. (E.g. I'm getting a new "used" car from my grandfather next weekend. Upgrading my Park Ave. from a '95 to a '99.) Plus our schedules are mildly incompatible Monday through Thursday given my free day is Wednesday and hers is Thursday (my busy day). Perhaps she and I will make Monday evenings a movie night. That would be nice.

So, in summary, it was a fun night. I'm glad we hung out and hope we do so again in the near future!