Saturday, October 23, 2004

Oh yeah? Well, well.. my cable company gave me a puppy!

I just watched a Comcast commercial (the local Cable provider). In it, an employee of theirs and two customers talk about how the driver saved them when their house was on fire. And this is a direct reflection of Comcast's values and training program? Eh? Yeah, so I now hold cable providers to a higher standard. I expect that they will wash my car, cook me dinner and give me CPR should I need it. Yes, these are new facets of the services they provide. I anticipate the world will soon be run by cable providers. The firemen, the police, the ambulance drivers, none of them will be needed. All we'll ever need is our friendly, neighborhood cable provider!

Okay, so I lost the thread somewhere along the line, in the middle of my rant. But you have to admit, that commercial says absolutely nothing, and I mean NOTHING, about Comcast's capabilities as a cable, internet and phone service provider. Sheesh.