Monday, October 18, 2004

Sadness and Tragedy

Albeit pale imitations of the real deals, tonight I finished reading and watched two of the most sad and tragic works I've ever read or seen. I saw Moulin Rouge with a friend. Excellent movie, I may post a review. I finished reading an Orson Scott Card book, Lost Boys. A good book though not action-packed, just well-written as always with OSC. Both are horribly sad and tragic in their own right. I would attempt to elaborate more except for fear of ruining them and except for my words being incredibly ill-suited to convey the depths of the two. Although I don't recommend Lost Boys other than for die-hard OSC fans, Moulin Rouge was truly amazing. I don't recommend both in one night though the resulting residual feelings of depression and cheerlessness do drown out my customary sense of frustration. And I didn't even have to drink myself into a stupor.