Friday, October 01, 2004

Great Ideas From The D.O.T.

If I were on the Department of Transportation, I know I would come up with some excellent ideas. Funny thing is they probably don't need my help as evidenced by their current project. Here's what the logic must have been like:

Joe: Hey Burt!
Burt: Yeah Joe?
J: Y'know how we still have to do that paving job over on Farmington Ave.?
B: You mean the one where we'll close a lane and screw up all the traffic?
J: Yep, that's the one. I had the best idea for it.
B: Oh?
J: Let's start working on it on Friday.
B: Friday?
J: Yeah, Friday! I mean no one goes to work on a Friday, right?
B: Well...
J: Yeah, so we'll close down a lane right before rush hour, work all day long but not finish, and leave plenty of cones up so it's all screwed up for the evening rush hour too!
B: But Joe...
J: What already?
B: Well, it's gonna take us a while to finish it all. I mean, we have to strip it first, then pave it. Y'know, it'll be real rough and all the cars will have to go slow. Plus, Farmington is a major road in the city. It gets a lot of traffic. Won't this plan really screw 'em all up but good?
J: Well, duh! Isn't that the whole point?
B: When you put it like that... Count me in!
J: Alright, let's round up the boys and get started!
B: Can I drive the truck? Please!!!
J: Oh okay... but make sure you DON'T hit the parked cars this time.
B: You take all the fun out of it!

Yep, I bet that's exactly how the conversation went. Of course the plan succeeded and is in full force and effect as we speak. At the moment, I'm delaying my drive back to Trumbull. Why? Because I doubt I'll make my left onto Farmington and take the route I'd like. Ah well, time to bite the bullet. Laundry awaits! (As do my mom and the two dogs.)