Thursday, October 28, 2004

The Class Selection Winning Streak Continues!

Today, 3Ls got to fill out the rest of their schedule. Somehow I managed to sign up for my first two picks, Fed. Income Tax and Right to Privacy. I'm stoked! My last semester at law school looks pretty good right now - Copyright, Fed. Tax, Privacy and Art/Public Culture. Classes on Tuesday 2-5, Tuesday 6:15-9:30, Wednesday 9-12 and Thursday 2-5 (in the order listed immediately above). I have Mondays and Fridays off. Chances are I'll go into work on Wednesday afternoons and all day Fridays. That's about 9-10 hours a week (in theory) and gives me a LOT of "free time" (not that I always effectively utilize said "free time"). Plus, unlike this semester in which I have 7 separate class periods (3 classes at 2 sessions a week, 1 at 1), next semester I'll have 4 big sessions, primarily with material in which I'm (hopefully) interested. (The odd one out being Fed. Tax.) I think I'll toast my temporary good fortune tonight!

Btw, I'm late again with the Top Ten List this week. Don't blame me, my Bus. Org. professor went and cancelled this morning's class, effectively eliminating the usual time slot in which I compose these things. I'll see what I can do this afternoon. (Hopefully I can put together at least 2 lists for ya, to try and make up for last week. No promises though. Unless you want me to promise that I'll have a beer tonight after my evening class. That I can promise.)

Also, a quick congrats to the Red Sox. In 86 years, I have never seen such as occurred last night! (Of course I've only been alive for a little more than 1/4th of that time period.) For the record, I'm a Mets & Yankees fan, in that order. (Not very die-hard for either team though.)

And last but certainly not least, a hearty Happy Birthday (albeit delayed) goes out to a good friend of mine, LT! Wishing you much Health, Happiness and Prosperity!

ADDENDUM: I'd forgotten I was meeting up with my 1L Mentee at the pub tonight. How do I now remember this appointment? I ran into him in the lobby of the library where he confirmed that we're still on for tonight. I'm pretty bad with things these days. Definitely not a good sign. [12:43 PM]