Sunday, October 31, 2004

Top Ten Things You May Not Have Known About Me and Never Thought to Ask

In a valiant effort to delay beginning a first draft of my Forensics paper (which, incidentally, I need to e-mail to the teachers before the end of tonight), I shall provide you with this pseudo-Top Ten post. It won't be cross-referenced with the Top Ten Lists since it's not so much humorous as informative.
  • I really like to travel and see foreign places. To date, I've been to Mexico, England, Scotland, Spain, France, Switzerland and Germany. I'd really like to go to Greece, Italy and Eastern Europe (e.g. Prague, Russia).

  • I did a semester abroad in York, England during college. I absolutely love almost all things English, including English accents and humour. Once I am able, my goal is to spend one to four weeks in the Spring in York. Make that my vacation getaway. I'd sit around all day reading books for fun and drinking tea. At nights I would hit pubs. T'would be Heaven!

  • I'm a dog-person although I tend to get on very well with most animals. I've had good experience relating to women's pet cats. That is, the girl will say something like "but she isn't very friendly" whereupon I will hold out my hand and the cat will come over and sniff it and act friendly to me, much to the girl's expressed surprise. It's like a form of verification.

  • My mom has two dogs at home, both Bichon Frises (small, white, furry things with teeth). The dogs' names are Austin and Benz. The former is named after a street near where my grandparents live. The latter is named after the make of my mom's car.

  • You won't hear (see) me talk about my dad. He passed away from heart-surgery complications about 3 1/2 years ago. I've vowed not to let myself get too out of shape or overweight.

  • I love the Northeast. It is difficult for me to imagine, at this time, living elsewhere. When it comes time for the Bar Exam, I'll sit for Connecticut and New York. My ultimate goal is to also be licensed in Massachusetts and California.

  • I "collect" action figures (have over 150 I think, maybe more) and DVDs (over 300). Once I can afford it, I'd like to get back into comic books too. I have a lot of trade paperbacks as it is (over 50).

  • My apartment is a disaster. It's time to clean the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom, vacuum the leaf-strewn carpet floor and generally organize things. I hate living in it when it's so messy but often lack the energy or sheer desire to spend energy on cleaning it.

  • I keep forgetting (and/or not wanting to remember that) The Girl and I are just friends, especially when we hang out for extended periods of time and get along famously. This could kill me though I doubt it will.

  • I'm a PC/Windows computer-user and advocate (sort of). My two complaints with Macs are that the good computer games don't come out for the platform and I don't know how to play with them. (I can fiddle with a Windows-based computer and might get it to work whereas with a Mac I find there is less to fiddle with. Macs hide their innards better.)

That's a brief glimpse into the madness that is me. Let me know if you have any burning questions you want answered. I'll try to catch up on my overdue posts (which now number five) tomorrow, but no promises. Time to now find another procrastination method!


(And, if you see this today, check out Google for a Halloween logo. Old Google Holiday Logos here.)