Thursday, October 28, 2004

Top Ten Signs Things At Law School Aren’t Going Your Way

10. The professor starts referring to you as “old stinky.”

9. Your professor sends you thank you e-mails when you miss his/her classes.

8. Your paper comes back without a grade but with the word “GUILTY” scrawled along the top.

7. The computer games on your laptop have become so boring you refuse to play them in class when not taking notes.

6. You attend class for the first time in a while and wonder what the Hell the professor is talking about.

5. You decide that you really like lawyers and cannot wait to begin working with them.

4. Your friends file for a restraining order, preventing you from coming within 100 feet of any of them when not in, going to or leaving class.

3. You seriously consider dropping out to begin a career in birthday party entertainment or the priesthood.

2. As a day/evening student, you wish law school were four/five years long instead of three/four.

1. You compose Top Ten Lists in class instead of paying attention.