Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Enrolling in Classes for the Last Time

UConn Law's enrollment for the Spring Semester is taking place this week. It's really a battle to get the classes you want and Lord help you if the computer or the system fails on you. Here's the premise:

Third Years (3LD, 3LE), Fourth Years (4LD, 4LE) and International (LLM) students may, at their discretion, opt to sign up for 1 class on Monday. If they do so, they may waitlist 1 class as well. If they do sign up for a class, they may not sign up for any other classes until Thursday.

On Tuesday, Second Years (2LD, 2LE) enter the fray. In this enrollment period, 2LDs and 2LEs may sign up for 1 class. Any 3LDs, 3LEs, 4LDs, 4LEs or LLMs who did not utilize Monday may sign up for 2 classes.

On Thursday, everyone can sign up for classes and fill out the rest of their schedule.

The enrollment periods run from Noon or 12:30 until 11:59 PM of that day.

What all of this means is that there's a frenzy on Monday to sign up for clinics and "popular" seminars. On Tuesday, the majority of seminars (especially any remaining slots in "popular" ones) are filled. On Thursday, everyone signs up for the bigger classes (the 36, 48 and 70 student ones). The seminars are most sought after since classes with 20 students or less do not have the B-median requirement that the rest of the classes have. (Usually students get better grades in seminars.)

Why do I mention all this? Because I signed up for two seminars today. Thanks to my fast internet connection, healthy computer and fast typing, I managed to pick up one of the most popular seminars, Copyright, and a second intellectual property seminar, Legal Regulation of Art/Public Culture. I am VERY enthusiastic and happy with my results!!! I got the classes I wanted!

YAY, WOOT and YIPPEE!!!!!!