Monday, October 25, 2004

Ashlee Simpson Hoisted By Own Petard

Really I just felt like using that idiom.

From CNN, 'SNL' gaffe exposes Simpson's 'help'. Apparently there was some technical error during Ashlee Simpson's second song on SNL. I mention this for a few reaons. I'm trying to avoid beginning (and then finishing) my Antitrust paper that I must have done by 7pm tonight (as I am indisposed thereafter for dinner and a movie with The Girl). I kind of like Ashlee Simpson's CD, Autobiography. Not the best nor my favorite, but not bad at all. This incident lends some credence to the "Ashlee Simpson is a tool" theory. The report is hardly clear. Having not seen the snafu live on TV, I can't quite put together what happened. The explanation seems disingenuous and a bit odd. This post will serve as my one for the day if tonight's activities (as innocuous as they are) last as long as previous experience indicates, that is into the 'morrow.