Tuesday, October 12, 2004

What Makes Today Oh So Nice

Standing up at the end of your 9-10:20 Antitrust class and having a fellow student observe that "at least we don't have Bus. Org. today." (The 10:30-12 class.) Take the newfound time, go get a nice breakfast over at A.C. Peterson on Park Ave. and go to work early. This ensures that one can leave work early with few qualms. As an added bonus, have the evening's activity, namely a label-sticking party for the International Journal / IP Society Symposium, be rescheduled for Wed. Hence, tonight is free, I'm taking an early leave from work and, should I feel so inclined, I may opt to attend a Salsa Dancing Lesson at the law school tonight. Not bad. Not too bad at all. Days like today make me ever so slightly happier.