Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Nip/Tuck Season Finale

This is going to be brief 'cause it's almost 1am and I have to be awake in ~6 hours or so.

The Season Two Finale was amazing. Absolutely amazing. One solid hour of Nip/Tuck that ties up a few ends and leaves one huge one open. What did we learn? We learned that, as Austin Powers so eloquently put it, "That ain't no woman! It's a man, man!" Yes, Famke Janssen's character, Ava Moore, is a man. Or was a man, more accurately? She underwent transgender surgery at the hands of Alec Baldwin (his character) and became a woman. A ravishing woman at that. A woman very closely resembling Famke Janssen. Amazing. At the impetus of Dr. MacNamara and Dr. Troy, she broke off her relationship with Matt, Dr. MacNamara's son (really Dr. Troy's son). Soon after, she encountered her "son" (really Alec Bldwin's son), Adrian. After confronting him and inviting him to accompany her to Paris, Adrian kills himself. It looks like he went there ready to murder her and ended up committing suicide upon her renouncement of Matt. The final piece in this puzzle. From the beginning of the episode, Dr. MacNamara seemed to be considering confronting "The Carver" (the serial rapist/disfigurer whom he had been defying by "fixing" the resulting victims). So he lays awake in his bed cradling a gun. The camera view then switches to Dr. Troy and we see The Carver inject him before swiping across with his blade-weapon. Chilling. I can't wait until next season. I want to see what happened to Dr. Troy! Above all others he valued his beauty (handsomeness?) and exploited it. What did The Carver do to him?!?!? Is he alive? Is he horribly disfigured??? Who is The Carver and how will they stop him?????? Aaarrgghh!!! They've got me hooked and I need another dose! Where is my Nip/Tuck? Where is my Nip/Tuck?

On second thought, maybe this wasn't so brief. Time for me to turn in. Ciao!