Saturday, October 16, 2004

The Pimpmobile is Ready for Action!

(And in more ways than one, hah!)

The primary purpose of my trip this weekend was to trade cars. I'm selling my '95 Buick Park Ave. and now have my grandfather's '98 Buick Park Ave. Essentially I've traded up 3 years and about 44,000 miles. The '98 only had ~24,560 miles on it when I took possession. (It was my grandfather's and he doesn't do much driving these days. He's 90.) The only thing I dislike is the coloring. The '95 has a dark green exterior, beige leather interior. The '98 has a white exterior, dark blue leather interior. It truly is a "pimpmobile."

Now I believe it's time for me to hop in, crank up some kickin' tunes and go cruzin' for hot babes. Who can't help but be drawn in by the alure of the "pimped-out" Park Ave.? (If any hot babes in the area are interested in a ride, please let me know. Cheers!)